Finding the best furniture for your living space can be a daunting task. Perhaps you are a new homeowner that is facing a lot of empty space and is not quite sure how to fill it. Maybe you are wanting to re-decorate a few rooms in your home and need some inspiration. Or perhaps you are searching for that one certain something that will complete that room in your house. No matter where you are in your furniture-finding process, The Great Room will help you find the perfect furnishings to tie your living space together. Read on to learn more about choosing the Great Room for furniture needs.

Expert Opinions

`When it comes to finding the best furniture for your home, The Great Room is happy to offer their knowledge and expertise. Whether you are searching for one furnishing that will tie it all together or redecorating your entire home, The Great Room offers both new and consigned furnishings for various themes like Farmhouse, Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Industrial, Cottage, Vintage, and Coastal. Considered Lexington’s trendiest consignment shop, The Great Room provides the highest-quality furniture around to help you find pieces that fit your style and functional needs. With The Great Room, you can truly make every space in your home a great room. Plus, with all of the unique furnishings and décor available at The Great Room, you can humble brag (or not so humble brag) to your friends about the unique looks in your living space when they come to visit.

Something for Everyone

No two styles will be exactly the same, which is why The Great Room offers a wide variety of furniture, lamps, and décor to make your space truly unique. Choose from chic couches that will make a statement, rustic tables that will add character to any room, spacious bed frames that offer comfort, unique hutches that will turn heads, lovely statement lamps, and more. The best part? The Great Room frequently receives new furnishings and décor to ensure a consistent variety of options to choose from. With so many styles that can please so many tastes, it is no wonder why choosing The Great Room for your furniture needs is a great choice.


Finding furniture is always a big task to take on. Whether you are looking to start from the ground up, do a redesign of your home, or find that one perfect piece to complete a room, furniture and décor-hunting is no small task. Luckily, with the expert opinions from the team at The Great Room plus the wide variety of unique furniture and furnishings, you are guaranteed to find the piece or pieces you have been looking for all along.

To learn more about choosing The Great Room for your furniture needs, its consignment process, or any other questions you may have, be sure to contact or visit The Great Room today.

The Great Room is located in Lexington, Kentucky and proudly serves Lexington, Versailles, Georgetown, and Nicholasville, KY.