Finding the Perfect Light

 When it comes to finding the perfect finishing accents for your home, items like chairs, tables, and couches might come to mind. While these pieces are important for your design, there is one furnishing that helps tie your design together: lamps. From skinny lamps to squat lamps, lighting is an important factor for creating ambiance and adding style to any house. We have tons of amazing products that can help you control the amount of light in your home. Read on to discover our selection for lighting options below.

 Lighting Options for Traditional Rooms

 Cozy, comfy, and oh-so inviting, traditional rooms like dens and home libraries radiate a beauty like no other. However, without the right lights, these gorgeous rooms might not get the justice they deserve. For example, that bright, skinny neon lamp might look beautiful in a room with similar colors, but it most likely does not have a place in a room with neutral, cozy furnishings. To keep the ambiance of home libraries and dens consistent, we recommend light fixtures for homes that come with a beautiful, classic shade covering the bulb. This will help create light that is bright enough to read and write but muted enough to help create a relaxing atmosphere. The best part? Our showroom has a variety of gorgeous shaded lamps and light fixtures featuring simple and elegant designs that can match the tone of your traditional living space.

 Lighting Options for Themed Rooms

Themed rooms are some of our favorite spaces to decorate because of their inherently fun and unique nature! Children’s rooms, fun guest rooms, and other themed areas deserve lights that add to the fun without breaking the consistency of the theme itself. For example, a beach-theme would benefit most from a lamp that has a wooden or lightly colored base and a bright white shade to contribute to the nautical theme of the room. For children’s rooms, we recommend finding the color that is most seen throughout and choosing a lightweight standing lamp or nightstand lamp that matches this color. Doing so will add to the fun nature of the room while providing a beautiful ambiance to the space. No matter the theme, there are plenty of lighting options for homes when it comes to The Great Room!

Lighting Options for Small Spaces

 When it comes to smaller spaces in the home, lighting is especially tricky. After all, you have to walk the line of wanting adequate light fixtures without sacrificing precious space. For these rooms, we recommend skinny standing lights that can be placed in the corner without taking up much space. Often available in a variety of colors, skinny floor lamps are easily able to fit both into a small space and blend well with current decor. Not a skinny lamp lover? Thin nightstand or side table lamps are another perfect way to brighten up a dark room without taking up too much space. No matter the size of your space, there are plenty of indoor lighting options for homes in our showroom.


 From tall, skinny lamps to smaller nightstand lights, the indoor lighting options for homes are endless at The Great Room. With new arrivals coming every day, you are bound to find a lighting option that you will love! To learn more about finding your perfect lamp or to browse our great collection, be sure to contact or visit us at The Great Room today!

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