If you’re interested in consigning, please contact us or send us a text with pictures of the items. You can text us at 859-270-3088, and we will gladly look over your items.

When we review your items, a representative of The Great Room will select the items our customers will buy and determine a fair price for them. Our prices are based on supply and demand, and we will determine the best possible price for you.

Sometimes there are items we cannot sell; please understand that our customers’ preferences must be our selection guidelines. Items are reviewed and accepted on approval Mon – Fri until 4:30 pm. All items must be clean and in good repair.

We keep items on consignment for up to 120 days. The Great Room will attempt to sell an item at the initial price for thirty days. After this time, the sale price will be reduced by 10% every 30 days. Consignments that are not sold after 120 days are considered expired and subject for immediate pickup. You may also have your item donated at the end of the 120 days if you desire. After 5 business days, if the consignor has not picked up their expired items or is unreachable by contact points on contract, items will become the property of The Great Room Lex, LLC.

If your items sell by the 30th of the month, your check will be available for pick up on the 15th of the following month. Payment for items sold after the 30th will be available for pick up the month after that. The consignor’s check will not be released to anyone other than the consignor without written authorization. Only consignors who reside outside of Lexington will receive their checks by mail; residents of Lexington and surrounding counties must pick up their checks. Consignment checks will be forfeited after 180 days of issue.

For items sold over $100, you will receive 60% of the selling price.
For items sold under $100, you will receive 50% of the selling price.

We will work hard to display your items in the most appealing way possible and provide creative ideas for customers to see your items in a new light. We advertise in local print and media, as well as through social media, in order to give you the best opportunity to find a home for your items. Rest assured that we are on your side and always working on your behalf!